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Road Traffic Consultancy is an independent company that provides you an individually tailored service to suit your personal or business needs.

Like many people you may have found youself in the unfortunate position of perhaps facing a lengthy driving ban that involves the loss of your licence.

The effects of this loss can have catastrophic effects on anyones life. Firstly being charged with a driving offence causes a lot of stress, and then you have the task of seeking help from solicitors, some of whom who may specialize in these type of offences, but did you know that many of these solicitors seek the expert advice of Keith Hale at Road Traffic Consultancy ?

To help you achieve the best possible service Road Traffic Consultancy is now in the position to offer to you the "complete package" that includes:

Organising the best solicitor to deal with your case, many solicitors have personal areas of expertise in the Road Traffic Offences and your particular case will be placed with a solicitor who is very experienced in dealing with the specific area of your case.

Keith and his highly trained and experienced team of solicitors assure you of the perfect plan of action when dealing with your case, you will be glad to know that they leave no stone un-turned in the pursuit of all relevant details and police reports/statements relating to your case.

Many people in your situation may fall foul of the feelings that there is nothing that can be done and you may as well just plead guilty and take the punishment, we at Road Traffic Consultancy do not believe that is the case in 99% of cases because there is in almost all cases a solution to remedy your situation.

The team at Road Traffic Consultancy provide their clients with a quality and experience based service in all aspects of Road Traffic Law; Police Procedure; relevant Legislation and driving improvement techniques.

You will enjoy the comfort and reassurance that an expert individual who has served at the front line of Road Traffic Policing as a Constable and has gained valuable experience in reporting to Prosecutors involving cases in Careless Driving; Dangerous Driving (Sections 2 & 3 RTA); Speeding; Tachographs knowledge of ACPO Guidelines; Vehicle examinations and many other areas of Road Traffic Law, will be dealing with your case personally.

Keith Hale is an extremely experienced and professional driver including being a Police Advanced Driver and a Security Escort Trained driver, there is nothing that he does not know about driving and all related matters.

Keith's wealth of experience, and that of his team of highly trained and experienced solicitors is available to you, and they are all in the perfect position to help you through whatever situation you may be facing, with industry leading results over many years adapting to new and evolving methods by police and procurators over 9 out of 10 of our clients have kept their driving licences when they have involved Road Traffic Consultancy thats why they are called "The Licence Protectors" !

Each new case is treated on an individual basis, no two reports or incidents are ever the same, just contact us for a no obligation chat.

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"Had it not been for Keith Hale of Road Traffic Consultancy's experience and expert report that threw doubt on the police report and version of events I would have without doubt lost my licence, as it was I was found guilty of a much lesser offence and kept my licence, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody in the same position"
S Docherty
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